I imagine there are some women ... but I don't know them LOL... who don't go a bit gaga over a pair of divine shoes, even if they are ridiculously high and not all that comfortable to walk in.  

So why do we do it to ourselves?  Well because they make us feel good, they make us feel sexy, they make us walk with a bounce and give us looooong legs and pert bums and can make us feel like the goddesses we know we are on the inside.

I fell in love with a pair of shoes...I had to have them, no clue when I am ever going to wear them but god they are gorgeous and they make me feel good and I just enjoy wandering around the house in them pretending I am Britains Next Top Model. 

Don't they  make you just go oooooooooooooh!
What a day.... in order to be able to go to the Show it meant going in to London with my hubby, a 6am start!!! Horrors! Haven't seen that time of day for a while... well not since my last doll show... ok really that wasn't that long ago LOL

Once I got on the tube at Park Royal I thought ok this isn't so bad... until I got to Earls Court to discover there were no trains to Olympia... What??? Apparently London Underground were uninformed that there were any shows on at Olympia.... don't think the hundred or so ladies standing on the platform were terribly impressed.

So I had to get a bus, yes a bus! Haven't been on one of those in donkeys years, not since I moved out of London anyway. So that was an adventure, have to admit the bus wasn't as bad as I remember, at least it didnt smell the way I remembered buses smelling.

I met up with my friends Ceinwen and Donna at the venue and when I say the place was teeming with women I am not jesting, it was wall to wall women all dying to get their hands on the many goodies that were on offer. 

I loved the quilt display on the 3rd floor, there was some A-MAZING work up there, 

I came home with some goodies thanks to my lovely parents in law who gave me a lovely birthday present. 

Some of my purchases!

As soon as I saw this range of Cross Stitch kits I thought mmmmmmm yes have to have some of those!  I love the designs, I would love to see these done in Silk Painted form... ohhhh there's an idea!

Some gorgeous fabrics, and boy was it ever difficult to choose, if I had had a donkey to carry it all home I probably would have come home with a lot more!

And I just had to have some more of this thread, I bought some a few years ago, it cross stitches up into some gorgeous cards, space dyed silk threads.