What can I saw that Stargate Universe had been cancelled I have to admit to mixed emotions... on the one hand I didn't enjoy the franchise as much as I had hoped I would.   Whilst it had the Stargate branding and the premise of gate travel was there underpinning the stories, that was about it.   The series promised much with big headliners like Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Carlisle heading the bill it was promising to be a fantastic series but it got off to a really slow start, the whole of the first season was just warming up and getting to the meat of the story when it came to an end. 

I've found myself waiting and waiting and waiting..... you get the picture for the series to kind of get off the ground and to be frank... it hasn't.  So I am not really surprised that it's been cancelled.  

So what was wrong with Stargate Universe?  Why didn't it work for me?  Well it's quite a few things actually,  the whole premise of these people being trapped on a ship travelling through space with the odd drop off to investigate a planet was fine, definitely down with that, sounded exciting but the reality was the writers missed a trick, the planets were dull, most of them deserted, very little in the way of sentient life and just the odd dodgy creature that was more insectlike than anything else. 

Now I recognise this is probably the reality of what space is like, there probably is very little out there that would be of interest but that kind of doesn't work on television and isn't going to keep viewers watching. Sometimes honesty is a little too dull in truth.
So what else bugged me?  Well actually it was the lack of progress of the actual story,  we never seemed to find out why this bunch of aliens were following the Destiny or why the drones were lying in wait to try and blow the ship out of the sky.  We also never found out where Destiny was actually going.   I think it was this lack of actual destiny that was part of the problem,  we weren't given enough breadcrumbs to keep the story interesting or in the end even to care where the Destiny was going.

The final episode has to be the most disappointing of all, now whether they knew that the franchise had been cancelled or not when they made it I don't know but the last programme was either made with the intentions of making another season or it was just a throw away, we don't really care about being fair to the viewers because it did nothing to either progress the story or answer any questions.  Ending as it does with Eli standing alone on the bridge of the Destiny as she flies off into the darkness of space.

Errrr.... What?  There's nothing, no answers to any of the questions that have been raised throughout the whole thing...  it just stops! That's it! Finis! End! Goodbye!

A thoroughly disappointing let down. 


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