I have been dreaming forever of having a space that I could work in that was wholely my own, that I could put all my doll kits, my fabrics, my sewing machines, somewhere I could spread out a project and work on but not have to pack it up at the end of a session and put it away because the space I was using needed to go back to it's usual purpose. The number of times I have sighed heavily and packed up my paints off the dining table and put them away long before I was ready too, sucking back the urge to whine "but I'm not finished!"

Or having to move my craft table completely out of a room because we've got guests and my craft stuff was "in the way".

So one of our main reasons for moving was to be able to afford to convert a room into a space for me, my own little domain that no one could tell me I was messy or in my sons eyes "embarassing".

This was supposed to happen in the previous house but unfortunately finances meant we couldn't do it.

But this time... it's happening, we've deliberately started the work as soon as we moved in, before the money started to get used for other things...

We asked several companies to quote on the job and finally settled on a company called The Garage Conversion Company, they weren't the cheapest but they weren't the most expensive either, Anglian won the crown for the most ridiculous quote ever at £12,000 and that was INCLUDING their endless discounts and preferential deals!! But we were very impressed by the knowledge of GCC's salesman who talked us through the entire process and was happy to answer all of our questions before giving us a written quotation.

It has been a fascinating process watching a room develop out of a freezing cold garage, the first thing that happened was a flurry of activity on the first day when Danny the builder arrived along with a huge truck filled with building materials all of which was deposited on our drive. This was closely followed by a skip... we wished we had known that was coming... would have saved us 20 odd trips to the local tip! But hey ho, we recycled.

It was strange seeing the garage door just propped up on driveway, poor thing seemed so lonely.

Danny, the builder has been lovely, friendly, funny and very reassuring, telling me every step of the way what is going on and double checking the positions of fixtures to make sure he's getting it right.

In a week I have seen this empty room develop with a new floor, framework and insulation to the walls and the ceiling.

There's still about a weeks work to go until the room is completed and I can feel my excitement building and building. I can't wait to get in there and pop my table in front of my window get my paints out and revel in having my own space.

Roll on the day when the Rubber coverings come off and a beautiful room is revealed.


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