I give in, I admit it, I am sure there is some kind of treatment programme but I can't promise to go and take part. I am loving Glee far too much. Oh if only we had had Glee Clubs when I was at school, I would have been in there.

I did take part in everything remotely "drama" at school, I was in every single school show that was put on, I strutted my stuff, sung my heart out and made a complete arse of myself at every opportunity and loved it... yes you heard me, I loved it!!

Having said that, I have since stolen every single piece of evidence that my parents ever had that I took part in these events. These have been ritually burnt so that my kids will never find them.

We missed Glee when it was on television so we thought we just had to get the boxset when it finally came out. Absolutely brilliant stuff, following the dramas of Rachel, Mr Scheuster, Finn, Quinn (if I ever have twins I know what I will be calling them!) and the evil Sue Sylvester, one of the funniest characters ever, her one line put downs are just so funny.

And the voices, wow the voices, some seriously powerful voices that just blew me away, I actually had shivers down my spine when listening to some of the songs, Mercedes (Amber Riley) in particular has this powerful belter of a voice that just stops your breath!

The only bad thing about this series for me was that it ended. I was so sad that there was no more episodes on the disc!  Roll on series two, I still haven't managed to put it on the sky box so we'll be buying it on DVD.

If you are a Glee virgin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2FMdOLyRcA enjoy!!!

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