Believe it or not one of the most valuable tools in my home decorating arsenal is....drum roll please!.... Cling Film!  Ordinary food wrap,  I always keep a roll of it in my decorating box, in fact mine is a catering sized roll I use that much of it.

I'm not the fastest painter and decorator in the world, especially when I am trying to work my way around a room that has a a pile of stuff in it I'm lucky if I can get more than a couple of walls done a day, specially if trying to turn a room with a strong paint colour into a lighter colour.  

I find that wrapping rollers and paint trays in cling film between work sessions stops the paint drying out so that the next day I can just rip off the cling film and get on with the work.  I find that the cling film will keep the paint fresh for almost a week, at a stretch... anything longer than that is pushing your luck though and even the most well wrapped roller or brush will go rock hard after a week... but it works well on emulsion or gloss paint as a short term measure.


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