After finishing the last Karen Rose novel - Scream For Me, I just could not wait to get into this one,  it had been sitting beside my bed gently taunting me, whispering ... read me... read me... you know you want to... do it... give in.  So I did!  Am I ever weak when it comes to a good book.

Considering that in a good killer thriller the writer has to have all the characters in the novel from very early on, Karen Rose really does do a good job of keeping you guessing.   I mean it's really not fair on the reader to have them get to the last chapter and then spring the murderer on them as being someone that hasn't been involved in the plot from the beginning... that's just cheating!  So Karen doesn't cheat!  The buy guys are there right from the beginning right under your nose but you just don't know it... that's how cleverly written the book is.

One thing I didn't like was how many law enforcement officers bit the dust, as the body count racks up quite a few of them are the good guys.  Now I am not an idiot, this is how life works, the good guys don't always come out in one piece but it still made me a bit sad nevertheless.

The romance in this book was a little bit more muted, it definitely took second place to the killer thriller part but it was definitely a page turner and the plot twists just kept mounting.

I read the book in 3 days... bit of a clue as to how gripping it is.


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