Love Philippa Gregory's writing style... but then you probably know that as I am sure I have mentioned it before... once or twice, maybe even three times.  

This story is following John Tradescant the Elder who was in his time the greatest gardener of his age.  John_Tradescant_the_elder.

John was a naturalist, collector of plants and gardener to what would be today classed as "the stars".  He created some of the most beautiful gardens in England, places like Hatfield House, Salisbury House, St Augustine's Abbey.  John travelled extensively gathering plants and seeds for his collection which were house eventually in a house called "the Ark"

Obviously writing any novel about the past has to involve a certain amount of licence and guess work, especially when recreating a conversation or a possible situation and this is where Philippa Gregory excels, she manages to retain historical accuracy at the same time as keeping a story interesting and true to the time frame it's been written.

I'm not a big gardener,  I do in fact have a black thumb and am the kiss of death to most plantlife but that didn't stop me enjoying every page of this book.


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