What has the last decade brought into my life and given me to be thankful for? In the last ten years I have become comfortable with who I am, I have realised I will never be a size 6 supermodel and have also discovered that I don't want to be.

I have discovered that being a mother is a hard job but oh so worthwhile. I have learned that I have the patience of a saint and yet at the same time a hair trigger temper. I have learned I am weak and fragile but that even at the hardest times in my life I have a inner core of strength and that although I may bend I am like a Willow and I flex with the pain and straighten up stronger than ever.

I have been to the edge of death and come back with the understanding that life is to be LIVED and not just SURVIVED.

I have met and made some amazing friends and I have walked away from relationships that were not healthy for me and did not enhance my life and understood at last that doing that is okay!

I have met and married the man I want to spend the rest of my life with when I had believed that I was beyond such a depth of feeling and I have seen my sons grow from toddlers to teenagers and relish the glimpses of the men I can see them becoming and I feel proud at the job I have done. My sons will be men in the real sense of the word, good, kind, honourable and loving. No mother can ask for more than that.

To My Husband I say:

My husband, my lover, my friend
When I watch you sleep I give thanks for you each day.
I give thanks for the comfort I feel when I see you caring for our home.
I give thanks for the person you are.
I give thanks for the trust that lives between us
I give thanks for your attention to the details that matter the most

For all that we know and all that we have yet to learn together, for the sadness, for the joys yet to come, I give thanks.

To my friends i say:

If your dreams get broken somehow I'll remind you that you belong,
If you need someplace to hide, you can hold my hand for a while.
If your sky begins to fall, I'll stay with you until you smile.
If someone breaks your heart, together we'll unbreak it.
When you feel sad inside, I'll show you, you're not alone.
If you get lost out there, I'll come and take you home.
When nothing seems to be going right and you need a friend...
I'll stay.

I wish you all a Wonderful New Years Eve and hope your lives are blessed with love and laughter in 2010.

Be Blessed.


Brent said...

Nice post. Those are some important lessons! Sounds like you're headed for a great year.

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