We moved in to our new house on the 4th December and since then it's been nonstop, I managed to get Pie's office decorated in about 3 days (go me!) although I have to admit it looked a lot better before he chucked, what looks to me, like a load of junk in there... but hey ho, not my room. I did what I set out to do and created a nice workspace for him.

Hopefully it will be my turn soon. Once Christmas is over with hopefully I will be getting the garage converted into a craft room... I can't wait, my own space at last where I can paint and sew and create to my hearts content. However at the moment it just looks like a store room. Boo Hiss!

When we first came and looked at the house we completely ignored the decor, all those things can be changed after all but having moved in and looked around my first thought was... why????

I love colour but I definitely cannot live with bright orange walls and a puce green toilet (no I am not joking)

Doesn't look as orange here as it is on the wall, trust me. It's orange !!!!

This week it has all been about painting, walls rather than dolls or silk, the through lounge is lovely and big and we thought at first we might put the wall back up between the two to give two separate rooms, but having been here for a week we have grown to quite like the sense of space and openness so we're going to leave it the way it is and just have a two tone effect to the painting to show the difference in the rooms.

I'm covering up the orange wordwork with crisp white gloss, I really like the contrast with the new paintwork. It may be a bit old fashioned and usually I quite like a matt finish to my glosswork but on this occasion I think it really calls for a gloss.

I think it gives a really nice contrast against the Sweet Caramel coloured walls.

Dulux Sweet Caramel in Matt

With luck the dining room will be done in time for Christmas, which will be great as we will have a house full of children. So now it's time to unpack lots of boxes and put things on the shelves in the newly painted dining room.

Benjie the rabbit is desperate to help although how he is going to reach any shelves to put things on is beyond me. Still at least he's cute.

Benjie Boobs - decorating assistant

And the old curtains are coming in useful as protection for the carpets during the decorating process.


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