Do you ever get the feeling that you need to be slapped upside the head because your brain just isn't functioning the way it should? Yeah me too... usually for a week a month!

Things started off well as well, after 3 days of the boys guests being with us, I admit it was good fun, specially Charlotte, she had us in stitches most of the time, still it is quite nice for the house to empty out a bit... after all Conor will just disappear back into his bedroom only to appear with demands for food so technically 4 of us here really will feel like 2.

Anyhoo, we are determined to get work underway on my workshop, at the moment it's a very big space just piled high with boxes of stuff, lots and lots of stuff, not even sure of what stuff is in the boxes, all we know is... it belongs to us and came from our last house, we will have to go through it all at some point. But it's not getting touched until the new year. Just realised that's only 2 days away.

So today we had appointments with 3 different conversion companies... first one turned up, he was brilliant, very knowledgeable, we were well impressed. Second one I screwed up just slightly, got my times wrong and we were searching for shirts in TK Max when I get an irate phonecall from the younger progeny informing me that I'm an idiot, gee thanks for the vote of confidence son. So we attempt to race home to see the poor salesman only to get stuck in a 20 minute tailback... leftovers from an earlier ugly accident on the A45.

I felt terribly guilty for making the poor man wait but his quote was way out there pricewise, not gonna happen unless I want the workshop wallpapered in gold leaf! And no... I don't!

Appointment number 3 didn't show up at all... so he won't be getting the job then. So now it's decision decision time... altogether we have had 4 quotes... still waiting for the numbers on 1 of them... but 2 were very similar and then there was the gold leaf quote... so it will be decision decision time... So far my money is with contestant number one from this morning.

I had to share the video below, Daniel, the older of my contributions to the continuation of the species (don't ask which species). Does this impression of a completely mad American Preacher who absolutely hates President Obama, makes me crack up everytime he does it... so in order to entertain his beloved mummy, Danny does the impression a lot. Enjoy peeps.


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