My stepchildren arrived yesterday, my husband Pie did the long journey to pick them up from their mum, we've been really looking forward to seeing them and all the mad rush to sort out the dining room has really been so that we can enjoy a family dinner on Christmas Day.

Because I'd hurt my back I was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard in setting up the tree and doing the decorations, so my role has been entirely a supervisory one. That and taking the pictures. It's only to be expected that we wouldn't be able to lay our hands on the Christmas decorations in the mountain of packing boxes... go figure. So Pie scooted off to Tesco to pick up some decorations and lights.

Bit of bonus that the decorations are already on sale and half price. kerching!

So it wasn't a huge financial burden to get some temporary ones for this year.

Elizabeth and Adam seemed to get really excited at putting up the tree with Pie, there was lots of squealing and laughter. So here we are all ready for Christmas, only a few days to go.

Benjie seemed quite unimpressed that his favourite spot in the front room had been taken by a Christmas Tree but he quickly seemed to decide that he wouldn't mind being a present and spent most of the day asleep under it.


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