This whole Christmas malarky is such hard work. I thought we were done, after 3 consecutive nights of visiting Tesco's I finally thought were were done and could chill out and not have to leave the house again. Last night it struck us that one of the gifts we've bought for Conor is a boxset of Scrubs DVD's (obviously the daily repeats of Scrubs on Paramount every single day isn't enough for him???) so he would need a DVD player... ok, no problem, we have one or two spare ones of those knocking around from my work. But no chance... drag out two of them and neither is working.


So of course this means another trip out to find a DVD player but looking at the sky it was a case of, if we don't go now we're not going because that sky is full of snow just waiting to come down.

We jump in the car and head off towards Northampton braving the ultra icy roads, yes there were wheel spins and sliding involved, which Pie seemed to enjoy and made me want to slam on the invisible emergency brakes in the passenger side of the car... you know what I mean, we all do it!

Driving down the A45 was the weirdest experience the freezing mist was so thick on either side of the road that you couldn't see anything so it was quite surreal, just this wall of white on either side. I wish there had been time to stop and take pictures but not this time.

The traffic in and around Northampton was fairly heavy but we managed to find our way to Curry's and grab a decent DVD player. Conor was pleased as punch when we got in.

But even this purchase didn't top our shopping spree at Matalan last night and his new "manternity" pants. But they are a whole other story!


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