I may be singing that right now but in a few days if it continues to be this cold no doubt I will be a lot less keen on snow. but for a first snow in a new home it is kind of exciting.

When we went to bed on Thursday night it was cold but clear but overnight it snowed quite heavily and we woke up to a thick blanket of pristine snow.

As our road is a bit of a deadend so there is no chance of a gritter coming down here the road has become a bit of a skating rink.

Something tells me we won't be in a huge rush to go out and fight our way up the icy road.

But we are very fortunate to have a lot of open land right next to the house and I really enjoyed taking a little walk with my camera to take some pictures of the views. I could hear lots of laughter from somewhere over the hill but it was too cold to go investigating. The sky does still look like it has more snow to let out in these pictures.

I saw some people heading off onto the snowy fields with their dogs. I did consider taking the cats for a walk but it was just a fleeting thought, I can't see any of our moggies actually taking too well to being put on a lead. Although it might be worth a laugh giving it a go... watch this space on that one.

This picture if of a dandelion that is still hanging in there trying to survive in the snow. You can even see the petals still hiding.

If the snow lasts a few days I think I will have to take some more walks and see if I can find some more subjects to photograph.

Having looked at the weather forecast although we are likely to keep the very cold weather there is no more snow expected... I bet the kids are hoping the snow hangs around to make it a white Christmas.

The funniest bit of the day was us discovering that Benjie is able to climb under the side gate... although we only found that out when we went to bring him in from his run around the garden only to discover that he wasn't in the back garden and was lolopping around the drive in the front of the house.

We were almost minus one house bunny!


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